Dar Al Dhikr Schools, with its long and distinguished experience in the national curriculum, which has more than twenty years of experience, mixed with many additional and enriching programs, which aim to create an integrated educational model that serves children educationally and develops their personal skills (inner leader – emotional intelligence – design for change – research and project management) Which qualifies them to study in the most prestigious local and international universities.

The first and largest partner of the King Abdul Aziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity in the Western Region
Partnerships with privileged companies for personal development skills.

The schools are also distinguished by the presence of a distinguished supervisory staff for all disciplines, and the talent and creativity units and the skills of the 21st century.

Dar Althikr schools are proud of the presence of distinguished educational cadres, consisting of experienced teachers from different cultures, specialized in the field of teaching and education.

The number of students ranges from 20 to 25 students per class.

Dar Althikr schools offer its students the opportunity to enroll in after-school club programs available in the school’s facilities, which are provided by specialized school staff or by specialized external parties under the supervision of schools in order to develop and refine children’s skills and meet their desires.

Specialized and equipped laboratories

Shaded outdoor and indoor courtyards

soccer fields

Multi-purpose hall

Fully equipped theatre

Games area

Equipped classrooms

Dar Althikr Schools strive to provide as many opportunities as possible for learners to strike a balance between responsibility, respect and innovation. We make sure to commend them for their success as well as for the effort they put in.

The assignments are divided between electronic assignments through the schools’ portal, as well as paper assignments or those assignments that are done through research

The age of the candidate for admission should not be less than the age specified by the Ministry of Education at the start of the school year.

The candidate, who is five years and nine months old, must have attended kindergarten for at least one academic year to enter Grade 1.

Grades from the general education stage from the first grade of primary school to the third grade of secondary school for boys.

Grades from the general education stage, from the first to the third grade of primary school, for girls.

Dar Althikr schools offer in their curriculum a set of international and national qualifications that will help each learner to secure the admission qualifications required by most of the local and international universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Providing support and care for talented people to run for and apply for international competitions.

Offering many approved tracks at the secondary level (general – health and life – engineering and computer – business administration), etc
Provide certificates of volunteer work hours

At the end of the twelfth grade, all learners will obtain a high school certificate from Dar Althikr schools, attested by the Ministry of Education.